Power Cookies

Get the Power over your cravings!

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Hi, I am Unni Greene, The Diet Diva (Certified Master Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist Specialist). The Power Cookies were created as a result to help satisfy my husband’s sweet tooth. His constant craving for sweets made it difficult to sustain a healthy lifestyle, so I came up with a recipe that would satisfy that craving without being a detriment to his health. He ended up loving them so much, I asked myself why can’t I make these for all my clients? What makes our Power Cookies special? It’s simple, they are healthy, and they taste great. A large majority of protein bars, cookies, and cakes that are "healthy" are in fact all laden with ingredients you can't even pronounce and  sugar and preservatives. All the ingredients we use are committed to only using elements that are organic and gluten and sugar free. We are the best tasting protein treat on the market that won’t potentially damage your health long term, all hand made. I even recommend it to all my diabetic clients.